Internship and triple monitor setup

Tomorrow starts my internship and I’m really excited! I will be working and learning over at Volvo Research & Development as a programmer. I don’t know too many details about what I’ll be doing but it sounds like some really interesting projects. I’ve never worked with other programmers before in this sort of way so it will definitely be interesting. I also bought a third monitor this weekend and the new setup works great. I’ve turned the new monitor 90 degrees so I can get a good view angle of my code whilst having Unity and web/stream on the other two screens. I’ve also experimented with replacing the web page with Unity’s profiler and game view, which works great.

The setup currently looks like this

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Good code structure

This will just be a quick update, but I’ve been working on structuring my code lately in order to make everything run better and be visually more appealing to look at. Right now I’m having trouble with a bug that prevents me from doing live code editing, but that will hopefully be fixed soon. I did not manage to capture a great photo of the LAN, but it was really fun. I brought my Wii U and it worked great in switching between games and music playlist. This playlist was probably my favorite:

Have a great week!

– Jacob Eriksson | @JacobEriksson98

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Hopefully have time to continue the game now

My choice of week to start writing again was maybe not the best. This week I’ve been studying for almost every hour I’ve been at home. I’ve had tests to study for, a lot of homework, an exam for a programming course and a high school exam this weekend. The high school was roughly 8 hours and I actually did it yesterday (Saturday). I had promised to visit a concert my friend was playing at on the Wednesday, so I didn’t get to do much work that day. The concert took up some time that I could have studied on, but it was great and made me relax a bit. Here is a picture of the concert by the way. IMG_2968

My friend is the guy to the left, with the white electric guitar. He’s here playing the solo from “Last Man Standing” by Hammerfall

Hopefully I will have more time to work on the game and other stuff next week. The only things I have had to time to do this week are adding some sound effects and adding a camera shake when the player gets hit. The upcoming weekend I will be going to a LAN with a couple of friends, so you can expect a picture or few from that, other than game progression.

– Jacob Eriksson | @JacobEriksson98

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Making games and staying motivated

Have you ever wanted to create a project, but having progress slowed down because of low motivation? Well in recent time I’ve had precisely that. I really wanna create, share and see the result of my current project, but every time I sit down to start coding I feel boredom. I don’t always have time to code though. School takes up the majority of my time at home and when I’m done with homework and such, there is rarely an urge to work on the game project. The low motivation results in low progress after each week, which only brings more low motivation. It all kinda sums up into one big while loop, but I’ve figured it’s time to break it.

My last post on this website was uploaded on 21 st June 2015. That’s like 4 years ago in internet time! From now on I’m gonna continue this devlog. I think that’s a good way to keep the motivation high. Maybe I won’t only upload game progression. I think I’ll upload all kinds of stuff that’s happened during the week, like learning something on guitar or drawing something etc. That’s right I will be doing this stuff weekly and you readers are welcome to comment and talk to me whenever you want. It doesn’t need to be anything smart or clever. A simple question or “cool!” is all that takes to keep someone’s motivation high. :)

– Jacob Eriksson | @JacobEriksson98

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Geo TD Commentary

Geo TD hit 3000 views over at Newgrounds and over 1000 views over at Kongregate. To celebrate that I made a commentary about the game. Hope you like it and please subscribe if you wanna see more. =D

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Geo TD is released!

05-24 3

Geo TD released yesterday and it became a success! It’s only been online for about 1 day, but has already gained over 1000 views over at Newgrounds, which is a lot for me. Thank you all for playing it! <3 It's exported in Unity Web Player so it sadly doesn't work for Google Chrome at the moment, but I had way too much struggle with the html 5 version so I skipped it. Otherwise I’m happy about the result and find it very fun to play for my self as well. Some issues with details were found on launch, but are mostly fixed now since version 1.0.2. : )

I will probably keep updating the game if feel like it needs something or a bug is found, but I will also a bit of a rest. Will probably also start on a new project! : D

If you have not already, please follow me on Twitter!

– Jacob Eriksson | @JacobEriksson98

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Tower Defense Update #5

05-15 1

The game is adding up and I hope to be done with it next week and release it short after that. At the moment I am a little busy with school, but I have managed to create a high score system where all players compete with each other. I have also been creating some simple sound effects for the game and managed to find a music theme for the game. The song can be listened to right now and is available here!

Geo TD is about done, but needs to be balanced in gameplay, so that is what I will be mainly working on for now on. I will keep you updated about specific progress on Twitter, but will post again once the game is being released.

– Jacob Eriksson | @JacobEriksson98

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Tower Defense Update #4

05-10 1

Well, the game has finally gotten a name now! Geo TD, which is short for Geometric Tower Defense. It has been about a month since I started this project and I think it’s starting to wrap up now. All the stages for the game are now done, menus and options are mostly done as well. Things that still need to be added or tweaked are:
* Sound/Music
* Save/Load features
* Balancing the gameplay
* Win/Lose scenarios
* More things I can’t remember right now. : P

05-09 2

More about the current state will not be discussed, but the project is moving towards an end now. I hope to be done with the project in at least 2 weeks.

– Jacob Eriksson | @JacobEriksson98

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Tower Defense Update #3

05-03 2

Tower Defense Update #3 is here! I have worked a lot on the tower upgrades this week and all of them are pretty much done by now! I will probably be tweaking some of them to not make anything overpowered, but the ideas for all of them are implemented. The triangle tower will be a more all around good tower, but will have no cutting edge. The square tower on the other hand will be really strong against tanky enemies, but not so strong against plenty of small enemies. The pentagon tower fits really well in corners with its blades moving in an arc. The hexagon should be placed far away from enemies since it will do greater damage from greater distances with its upgrades. The circle and the heptagon towers will be sort of supportive towers, but more specifics about that are to come! All towers have 6 upgrades with three available and 3 to unlock by purchasing the available ones.

05-03 3

Other than the upgrades I have worked on a main menu which is a bit basic now, but will be visually improved. Stage selection is also experimental. You can preview the complete stage by clicking on the corresponding button and then press “Start”. All of the stages will not be available later. Some stages will need to be unlocked through beating other stages.

05-03 1

For the next week I will probably be working on creating more stages and creating more interesting environments. Maybe events? Maybe theme based stages? Tell me!

– Jacob Eriksson | @JacobEriksson98

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Tower Defense Update #2

Update 2

Tower Defense Update #2 is here! First thing to notice is the updated graphics. I am quite satisfied with the them and they continue the theme of “glowy” effects as most of my games do. The menu on the right has been updated with a key lock in front of towers yet to be unlocked for purchase. The pentagon, hexagon and heptagon towers have gotten improved attack visuals and as you can see on the top triangle tower, tower range can now be viewed when selecting/buying a tower. Enemies now have an area inside them with the same color as themselves, which shrink when their health deplete. Every tower now has AI options which range from targeting the weakest enemy to the one furthest away. I have also worked on upgrades for all the towers, but they are still work in progress and overpowered. ;D

A preview of the current state of the game can be viewed here: (The music is from Youtube not the game)

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to comment on this post or contact me in other ways!

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