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Internship and triple monitor setup

Tomorrow starts my internship and I’m really excited! I will be working and learning over at Volvo Research & Development as a programmer. I don’t know too many details about what I’ll be doing but it sounds like some really

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Good code structure

This will just be a quick update, but I’ve been working on structuring my code lately in order to make everything run better and be visually more appealing to look at. Right now I’m having trouble with a bug that

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Hopefully have time to continue the game now

My choice of week to start writing again was maybe not the best. This week I’ve been studying for almost every hour I’ve been at home. I’ve had tests to study for, a lot of homework, an exam for a

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Making games and staying motivated

Have you ever wanted to create a project, but having progress slowed down because of low motivation? Well in recent time I’ve had precisely that. I really wanna create, share and see the result of my current project, but every

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Geo TD Commentary

Geo TD hit 3000 views over at Newgrounds and over 1000 views over at Kongregate. To celebrate that I made a commentary about the game. Hope you like it and please subscribe if you wanna see more. =D

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Geo TD is released!

Geo TD released yesterday and it became a success! It’s only been online for about 1 day, but has already gained over 1000 views over at Newgrounds, which is a lot for me. Thank you all for playing it!

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Tower Defense Update #5

The game is adding up and I hope to be done with it next week and release it short after that. At the moment I am a little busy with school, but I have managed to create a high score

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Tower Defense Update #4

Well, the game has finally gotten a name now! Geo TD, which is short for Geometric Tower Defense. It has been about a month since I started this project and I think it’s starting to wrap up now. All the

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Tower Defense Update #3

Tower Defense Update #3 is here! I have worked a lot on the tower upgrades this week and all of them are pretty much done by now! I will probably be tweaking some of them to not make anything overpowered,

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Tower Defense Update #2

Tower Defense Update #2 is here! First thing to notice is the updated graphics. I am quite satisfied with the them and they continue the theme of “glowy” effects as most of my games do. The menu on the right

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