Geo TD is released!

05-24 3

Geo TD released yesterday and it became a success! It’s only been online for about 1 day, but has already gained over 1000 views over at Newgrounds, which is a lot for me. Thank you all for playing it! <3 It's exported in Unity Web Player so it sadly doesn't work for Google Chrome at the moment, but I had way too much struggle with the html 5 version so I skipped it. Otherwise I’m happy about the result and find it very fun to play for my self as well. Some issues with details were found on launch, but are mostly fixed now since version 1.0.2. : )

I will probably keep updating the game if feel like it needs something or a bug is found, but I will also a bit of a rest. Will probably also start on a new project! : D

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– Jacob Eriksson | @JacobEriksson98

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