Hopefully have time to continue the game now

My choice of week to start writing again was maybe not the best. This week I’ve been studying for almost every hour I’ve been at home. I’ve had tests to study for, a lot of homework, an exam for a programming course and a high school exam this weekend. The high school was roughly 8 hours and I actually did it yesterday (Saturday). I had promised to visit a concert my friend was playing at on the Wednesday, so I didn’t get to do much work that day. The concert took up some time that I could have studied on, but it was great and made me relax a bit. Here is a picture of the concert by the way. IMG_2968

My friend is the guy to the left, with the white electric guitar. He’s here playing the solo from “Last Man Standing” by Hammerfall

Hopefully I will have more time to work on the game and other stuff next week. The only things I have had to time to do this week are adding some sound effects and adding a camera shake when the player gets hit. The upcoming weekend I will be going to a LAN with a couple of friends, so you can expect a picture or few from that, other than game progression.

– Jacob Eriksson | @JacobEriksson98

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