Making games and staying motivated

Have you ever wanted to create a project, but having progress slowed down because of low motivation? Well in recent time I’ve had precisely that. I really wanna create, share and see the result of my current project, but every time I sit down to start coding I feel boredom. I don’t always have time to code though. School takes up the majority of my time at home and when I’m done with homework and such, there is rarely an urge to work on the game project. The low motivation results in low progress after each week, which only brings more low motivation. It all kinda sums up into one big while loop, but I’ve figured it’s time to break it.

My last post on this website was uploaded on 21 st June 2015. That’s like 4 years ago in internet time! From now on I’m gonna continue this devlog. I think that’s a good way to keep the motivation high. Maybe I won’t only upload game progression. I think I’ll upload all kinds of stuff that’s happened during the week, like learning something on guitar or drawing something etc. That’s right I will be doing this stuff weekly and you readers are welcome to comment and talk to me whenever you want. It doesn’t need to be anything smart or clever. A simple question or “cool!” is all that takes to keep someone’s motivation high. :)

– Jacob Eriksson | @JacobEriksson98

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