Tower Defense Update #2

Update 2

Tower Defense Update #2 is here! First thing to notice is the updated graphics. I am quite satisfied with the them and they continue the theme of “glowy” effects as most of my games do. The menu on the right has been updated with a key lock in front of towers yet to be unlocked for purchase. The pentagon, hexagon and heptagon towers have gotten improved attack visuals and as you can see on the top triangle tower, tower range can now be viewed when selecting/buying a tower. Enemies now have an area inside them with the same color as themselves, which shrink when their health deplete. Every tower now has AI options which range from targeting the weakest enemy to the one furthest away. I have also worked on upgrades for all the towers, but they are still work in progress and overpowered. ;D

A preview of the current state of the game can be viewed here: (The music is from Youtube not the game)

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to comment on this post or contact me in other ways!

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