Tower Defense Update #3

05-03 2

Tower Defense Update #3 is here! I have worked a lot on the tower upgrades this week and all of them are pretty much done by now! I will probably be tweaking some of them to not make anything overpowered, but the ideas for all of them are implemented. The triangle tower will be a more all around good tower, but will have no cutting edge. The square tower on the other hand will be really strong against tanky enemies, but not so strong against plenty of small enemies. The pentagon tower fits really well in corners with its blades moving in an arc. The hexagon should be placed far away from enemies since it will do greater damage from greater distances with its upgrades. The circle and the heptagon towers will be sort of supportive towers, but more specifics about that are to come! All towers have 6 upgrades with three available and 3 to unlock by purchasing the available ones.

05-03 3

Other than the upgrades I have worked on a main menu which is a bit basic now, but will be visually improved. Stage selection is also experimental. You can preview the complete stage by clicking on the corresponding button and then press “Start”. All of the stages will not be available later. Some stages will need to be unlocked through beating other stages.

05-03 1

For the next week I will probably be working on creating more stages and creating more interesting environments. Maybe events? Maybe theme based stages? Tell me!

– Jacob Eriksson | @JacobEriksson98

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